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Rotary Steerable System
TerraVici’s Rotary Steerable System is a three-dimensional (3D), point the bit rotary steerable system. This Rotary Steerable System is an easy-to-use and economical alternative to conventional directional drilling techniques with mud motors.

Product Features:
      • Point the bit rotary steerable system
      • Simple design, reliable, robust
      • 12 (6 1/2" tool) and 15 (5" tool) degree/100 foot DLS capacity
      • Full rotation at all times
      • No external, non-rotating parts
      • Automated vertical control option
      • Full 3-D control
      • Adaptable to any MWD system
      • Operates with or without mud motor

MWD System
      • Mud pulse telemetry
      • E-mag telemetry

Mud Motors
      • Several options and configurations available

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